Japan Theatre Photo Album, 1968, Daido Moriyama
Art Direktion und Design für das Magazin »Der ZIRKEL, der macht«, Ausgabe Nummer #1 »Timeless Fitness« aus dem Hause Karl Anders.
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The original negative for Stanley Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb was irreparably damaged soon after the film’s release, so for its 50th anniversary, Sony Pictures commis­sioned Cineric to perform a full 4K restoration:

After examination and testing, it was determined the best elements for the restoration were a 35mm fine-grain master positive, a 35mm duplicate negative and a 35mm print. Each element represented a different manufacturing generation from the original camera negative, resulting in wide variations in density and contrast. It was felt that the only way to restore the film correctly, given the many different elements, their poor condition, and the need to maintain the filmmakers’ aesthetic intentions, was to use a complete 4K digital workflow.

The new print is being screened at Auckland’s glorious Civic Theatre on Friday next week as part of NZIFF’s Autumn Events programme. See you there, locals.

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